Our Philosophy

the loo family

Generations of giving

Bloom Foundation began with the desire to encourage and inspire philanthropy in others — just as the Loo family members have experienced the galvanizing nature of philanthropy in their own lives. 

As an entrepreneurial family by nature, they decided to establish a family foundation that could make strategic investments and thoughtful gifts towards a vibrant, thriving Colorado Springs. 

It all began with a little stationery company

Looart press begins

Orin, an artist and printer, and Miriam Loo start a stationery company run out of the family garage.

looart Expansion

LooArt expands to include a successful mail-order business while the Loo children take orders to the post office after school.

joining the family business

LooArt moves to a location out of the family home. The Loo’s sons, Dusty and Gary, join the company.

high valley group forms

Current, formerly LooArt, becomes highly successful until its sale in 1986. Dusty and Gary form High Valley Group shortly after.

community focus

The Loo family becomes active in the community, including board services, philanthropic initiatives and local projects.

featured project

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Kathy Loo has been involved with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo since 1969 when she founded the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Auxiliary Docent Program. The volunteer program — one of the zoo’s most successful — aims to inspire children’s curiosity and care for wildlife and the natural world. 

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo continues to exemplify Bloom Foundation’s spirit of philanthropy through the arts, conservation and education.  

For Nonprofits

Applying for a grant

 Due to our proactive approach, we do not currently have an open grants cycle. Contact Josh Bailey at jbailey@spurphilanthropy.com with questions.

For Funders

Galvanizing philanthropy

We can’t do it alone — the Loo family firmly believes in catalyzing philanthropy in others. It’s through our collective collaboration that we can have real impact in our community.  

If you are a non-profit organization seeking emergency assistance, please visit Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s website.