Nonprofits & Grants


Selecting nonprofits

The name Bloom, perfectly represents our vision for this foundation: to plant “seeds” of ideas and projects, nurture them and then care for what takes root. 

What is your area of focus?

We primarily support organizations benefiting the arts, conservation and education in Colorado Springs — but are always eager to hear about new, catalytic ideas worth championing.

Do you have a clear strategy?

We believe in supporting projects that can grow sustainably — long after our gift has been fulfilled. Show us your plan and our leadership team will work alongside you to plot a path to sustainable success. 

How do you show impact?

Community impact — both on your sector and  on the vibrancy of our Colorado Springs community as a whole — acts as the compass with which we select projects and nonprofits to support.  

“A community in its best form is a thriving, interdependent ecosystem that requires all types of people, sectors and points of view. Through our focus on projects that can benefit the community at large and specifically through arts, education and environment, we hopefully can have lasting impact on generations to come.” 


Key areas of giving


The Loo family is full of artists, musicians, actors and creatives. At Bloom Foundation, we understand the importance of investing in the arts to engage community and inspire a vibrant Colorado Springs.


We believe conservation goes hand in hand with community impact — because a thriving community demands a thriving environment. The Loo family actively stewards conservation efforts across the Pikes Peak region.


Education is the catalyst for curiosity and community engagement — which makes universal education paramount to a city’s success. The Loo Family believes all children deserve access to the same resources.

Grant applications

If you are a non-profit organization seeking emergency assistance, please visit Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s website.